The Enterprise specialisation focuses on entrepreneurship and commercialisation within biomedical research. This specialisation will position you to capitalise on the potential health and economic benefits of your discoveries.

The Entrepreneurial approach encouraged by Enterprise will prepare you to lead within a growing biomedical and biotechnology industry. Enterprise core subjects from Melbourne Business School and Melbourne School of Engineering will introduce you to innovation, bio-entrepreneurship and management, developing your business acumen. Additional Enterprise subjects offered by Johns Hopkins University (USA) create opportunities for you to network and collaborate internationally with peers and experts in industry and academia.

Introduction to Biomedical Research (BIOM40001) is compulsory and should be undertaken in your first semester of study (with exceptions made for mid-year entry). This subject is held during an intensive period in the last 2 weeks of February and provides training in key areas of importance in biomedical and health sciences research.

Enterprise core subject Creating Innovative Engineering (ENGR90034) provides practical and theoretical insights into entrepreneurship and biomedical innovation. Additional core, Special Topics in Management (BUSA90322), focuses on the development of knowledge and skills that can be applied to solving problems arising in biomedical and biotechnology organisations.

Students are encouraged to undertake Enterprise electives 410.687: Ethical, Legal & Regulatory Aspects of the Biotechnology Enterprise* and 410.627: Translational Biotechnology: From Intellectual Property to Licensing*. These subjects are delivered online by Johns Hopkins University and provide an international understanding of the ethical, legal and regulatory processes that operate in biomedical enterprise. Completion of these subjects will equip you with knowledge and skills that are vital to bringing new biomedical discoveries to market.

With your Supervisor, you have the opportunity to build a customised course plan that suits your learning and career goals. Subject to supervisor approval, you may enroll in any combination of research and coursework subjects, provided you complete the required 125 points of research subjects by the end of your course. Sample course plans are shown in the section below and a list of available research and coursework subjects can be found here.

*Students must gain approval from the Master of Biomedical Science Course Coordinator prior to enrolling in these subjects.

Sample Course Plans

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