The Discovery specialisation provides an emphasis on department/theme based fundamental and translational research for those aspiring to a research career.

Discipline subjects undertaken in the Discovery specialisation will provide you with specialist knowledge that supports you as you undertake your research project. Additionally, a suite of professional business and communication subjects are offered to complement your research and progress your opportunities within academia and a range of science-based careers.

BIOM40001 Introduction to Biomedical Research is core to the course and should be undertaken in your first semester of study (an exception is made for mid-year entry). This subject is held during an intensive period in the last 2 weeks of February and provides training in key areas of importance in biomedical and health sciences research.

Selection of your remaining discipline subjects should be made in consultation with your primary supervisor. Choose your subjects based on availability and relevance to your research project and personal interest. Professional skills subjects are offered across a range of faculties and enable you to develop skills that are attractive to employers. A list of available subjects can be found in the Discovery Handbook entry.

  • Student Experience

    Mengxiao Luo, Master of Biomedical Science, 2017

    What skills has the Master of Biomedical Science helped you develop?

    The program combines coursework and a research project, so I got to develop a range of professional skills including writing and communicating as a scientist, while simultaneously working as a scientist in a lab.

    What have you enjoyed most?

    The highlight of my experience within the Master's has been the level of independence that I've had within my projects. This has allowed me to develop better problem-solving and critical thinking skills in my study and research, which has in turn made me a more well-rounded scientist and has further developed my professionalism.

    What has inspired you?

    Everyone I have met during the course has been inspirational for me: my supervisors, my classmates, my colleagues; they are professional and always passionate about what they are doing.

Sample Course Plans

Master of Biomedical Science - Discovery Specialisation

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