Research Project Assessment Requirements

The Research Project component of the Master of Biomedical Science is spread over the two years of the course and comprises 125 points. The theme and scope of your research project is negotiated with your Supervisor and is nominated at the time of application prior to enrolment. You will complete this component of your course under the guidance of your supervisor in their laboratory. The project will develop your technical and data acquisition skills, your problem solving and critical thinking capacities in the context of research, and your skills in communicating to a variety of audiences.

Research Project Report

A Research Project Report is to be submitted for examination at the conclusion of your project. A series of assessment hurdle requirements must also be satisfied throughout the course of your project (see details below).

Research Project Assessment - Discovery and Enterprise Specialisations:

  • A report of up to 20,000 words, due towards the end of the final semester of the research project (100%);
  • A literature review of up to 6,000 words, due at the end of the second semester of the research project (hurdle requirement);
  • Two 15-20 minute oral presentations, due towards the end of the second and final semesters of the research project (hurdle requirement).

Research Project Assessment - Vision Science Specialisation:

  • A literature review of 3000 words, due toward the end of the first semester of this subject (hurdle requirement);
  • A grant proposal/project brief of 2000 words and 10 minute oral presentation due in the early part of the second semester (15%);
  • A research report (10,000–14,000 word) due towards the end of the final semester of this subject (85%).

For all specialisations, satisfactory performance is required for the completion of ‘hurdle’ components. If necessary, this may involve re-submission or re-presentation. For the literature review and the research report, Departments or Academic Units will provide guidance regarding format and convention according to research discipline specific requirements and local practice. Specific submission timelines will be determined by the Supervisor and the Academic Coordinator, in conjunction with the Specialisation Coordinator, with reference to semester dates.

The Handbook entry should be consulted for the definitive course outline, including assessment criteria. Assessment processes and criteria are detailed later in this Guide.