Brown laboratory: Immunology; virology; vaccinology

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Professor Lorena (Lori) Brown +61 3 8344 3865 View page

Research Overview

All research currently performed by the team involves investigation and control of influenza.


  • Interaction of influenza virus and dendritic cells
  • Manipulation of immunogen composition to perturb activation pathways in dendritic cells
  • Passive antibody transfer for prevention and control of influenza (with Immuron Ltd)
  • The role of costimulation in the priming of effector and memory CD8+ T cells against influenza (with Andrew Lew, Yifan Zhan and Shirley Seah, WEHI)


  • The role of the influenza protein PB1-F2 in the pathogenesis of influenza
  • Location of the site of binding of an innate inhibitor of influenza to the virus particle
  • The role of amino acids within the cytoplasmic tail of the viral hemagglutinin in budding and particle formation
  • Progression of H5N1 and seasonal influenza within and external to the respiratory tract in ferrets (with Deborah Middleton, AAHL)
  • Factors governing animal-to-animal transmission of different influenza virus strains
  • Electron microscopic evaluation of the mechanism of action of anti-influenza drugs (with Biota)
  • Factors responsible for the acquisition of high pathogenicity phenotype of H5N1 in mammals (with Deborah Middleton and Sandra Sapats, AAHL, and Steve Rockman, CSL Ltd)


  • Effect of combining a CTL-inducing component with the seasonal split virus vaccine on vaccine outcome (with David Jackson)
  • Identifying the effect of gene constellation of vaccine seed viruses of vaccine yield (with Steve Rockman, CSL Ltd)
  • Evaluation of immunogenicity and protective efficacy of  H5N1 and swine-origin H1N1 vaccines in ferrets (with AAHL, CSL Ltd and WHO Centre for Influenza Reference and Research)
  • Evaluation of nanopatch technology for the delivery of influenza vaccines (with Mark Kendall and colleagues, UQ)
  • Evaluation of plant-derived influenza hemagglutinin as a vaccine candidate (with Diane Webster and colleagues, Monash University)


Mrs Emily Fairmaid (Milne), RA
Mr Charley Mackenzie-Kludas, RA
Miss Sanja Trifkovic, PhD
Dr Rob Allen, PhD
Miss Patricia Lee, PhD
Dr Brad Gilbertson, SRO
Dr Julie McAuley, SRO