Furness laboratory: Digestive physiology and nutrition


Research Overview

The healthy gut communicates with the brain and lives in harmony with the many bacteria it contains.  Disorders of gut health lead to diabetes and metabolic disease, inadequate nutrition, pain, poor digestion and liver disease.  Major digestive diseases include inflammatory bowel disease, chronic constipation and the irritable bowel syndrome.

An extensive nervous system, the enteric nervous system, embedded in the gut wall, controls digestive functions.  The ENS communicates with the central nervous system, and disorders of the brain and gut commonly accompany each other, for example gastrointestinal disorders are prominent in Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Spinal Cord Injury.

A major component of the endocrine hormone control system is embedded in the gut.  Gut hormones control appetite and energy metabolism, and they are targets for the treatment of obesity, diabetes and metabolic disease.

We are working to develop new approaches to treating bowel diseases through electroceuticals, an exciting new approach in which nerves are stimulated to treat disordered function, through drug development and by unravelling the basic mechanisms essential for digestive health.

In electroceuticals, Dr Martin Stebbing, Professor John Furness and Professor Robin McAllen are leading an effort to stimulate the vagus nerve to treat Inflammatory Bowel Disease, funded by $6 million from the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency.  We are also investigating electroceutical approaches to the treatment of gastroparesis.

In drug development, Professor Furness, Dr Ruslan Pustovit, Dr Rachel McQuade and Dr Akhter Hossain are investigating novel targets for treatment of constipation.

In basic mechanisms, we are studying roles of gut hormones and enteric nerves, the mechanisms by which inflammation in the gut is controlled by nerves and ways of protecting the lining of the gut.



Gut and Brain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIbJ6-VOaPE

Crohn's and Colitis Australia: https://www.crohnsandcolitis.com.au/


Dr Martin Stebbing, Senior Reserach Fellow
Dr Shanti Diwakarla, Post-doctoral Fellow 
Dr Rachel McQuade, Post-doctoral Fellow 
Dr Ruslan Pustovit, Post-doctoral Fellow
Ms Billie Hunne, Research Assistant
Mr Remy Constable, Research Assistant
Ms Madeleine Di Natalie, Research Assistant
Ms Enie Lei, Research Assistant
Ms Josiane Fakhry, PhD student
Ms Linda Fothergill, PhD student
Ms Ada Khoo, PhD student
Ms Theresa Fazio-Coles, PhD student
Ms Xin-Yi Chai, PhD student
Ms Lewis Singleton, MSc student
Ms Sophie Mayer, Honours student
Prof Peter McIntyre, Honorary Professor
Dr Joanna Gajewski, Program manager


Professor Robin McAllen, Florey Institute
Professor Rob Shepherd, Bionics Institute
Professor Terry Powley, Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Professor Bob Jones, Surgery, Austin Health
Dr Peter de Cruz, Austin Health
Dr David Finkelstein, Florey Institute
Professor Ross Bathgate, Florey Institute
Dr Akhter Hossain, Florey Institute
Professor Michael McKinley, Florey Institute
Professor Clive May, Florey Institute
Dr David Bravo, Geneva, Switzerland
Dr Vicki Lawson, Pathology, University of Melbourne
Dr Donald Newgreen, Murdoch Institute
Dr Sophie Payne, Bionics Institute
Dr Christopher Leung, Gastroenterology, Austin Health
Dr Kristy Brown, Columbia University, New York
Professor Frank Dunshea, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne
Dr Jeremy Cottrell, Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, University of Melbourne
Dr Lincon Stamp, Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of Melbourne
Dr Marlene Hao, Anatomy and Neuroscience, University of Melbourne
Dr Leni Rivera, Deakin University


Australian Pork Ltd J Pluske, FR Dunshea, JB Furness, JJ Cottrell, C Collins, R Hewitt, JC Kim, B Mullan, S Peuker, R van Barneveld, "Optimising the progeny of first-litter sows in the Australian herd", 2015-2018, $944,081
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA USA) JB Furness et al. "Vagal neuromodulation for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease", 2015-2019, $6,100,000
NIH SPARC JB Furness. "Mapping stomach autonomic circuitry and function by neuromodulation of gastric disorders", 2017-2019, $697,825
NHMRC Project Grant 1125805 DF Newgreen, GG Qiao, JM Hutson, SK King, JB Furness - "Novel cell therapy for Hirschsprung Disease: from patient iPS cells to large animal trials": 2017-2019, $1,011,764
NHMRC Project Grant 1145686  JB Furness, D Finkelstein, V Lawson, Unravelling the neuropathological basis of the gastrointestinal manifestations of Parkinson’s Disease, 2018-2021: $822,956.80

Research Publications


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