Tony Velkov laboratory

Research Overview

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Group photo of the Velkov lab

Our team's internationally leading research aims to develop novel therapeutics to target an urgent global medical challenge: multidrug-resistance (MDR) in Gram-negative ‘superbugs’. Our key programs include the discovery of novel lipopeptide antibiotics and the pharmacology of polymyxins, last-line antibiotics against Gram-negative ‘superbugs’. The group has three major streams designed to provide both short-term and long-term solutions to this major global health problem:

  1. discovering and developing novel antibiotics and formulations against Gram-negative ‘superbugs’;
  2. elucidating the mechanisms of activity, resistance and toxicity of lipopeptide antibiotics; and
  3. investigating the preclinical and clinical pharmacology of antibiotics and their combinations.

Numerous opportunities exist for both postdoctoral fellows and higher degree by research student to work in these areas and applications are always welcome.


Dr Elena Schneider-Futschik, Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr John Karas, Post Doctoral Fellow

Dr Maytham Hussein, Post Doctoral Fellow


Professor Jian Li, BDI, Monash University
Professor Keith Kaye, Wayne State University University Health Center, USA
Professor Alan Forrest, University at Buffalo, USA
Associate Professor Brian Tsuji, University at Buffalo, USA
Dr Mike Dudley, Rempex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, USA
Dr Scott Hecker, Rempex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, USA
Dr Olga Lomovskaya, Rempex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, USA
Dr David Griffith, Rempex Pharmaceuticals, San Diego, USA


US National Institute of Health: National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Australian National Health and Medical Research Council: Australian Research Council; State Trustees