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Research Overview

Our research focuses on the development and application of quantitative proteome and lipidome analysis strategies to identify and characterize functional biomarkers of disease, and for mass spectrometry based clinical diagnostics.

A broad variety of analytical biochemistry techniques are employed, including novel sample extraction, chemical derivatization, gas-phase separation and ultra-high resolution tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS), to comprehensively identify and quantify changes in protein expression and post translational modifications, or complex lipid abundances, that are associated with the dysregulation of normal cellular function.

Ultimately, the results obtained from these studies can provide critical insights toward improving our understanding of the onset and progression of disease pathogenesis, including in cancer, diabetes and diabetic complications, and may enable the identification of candidate biomarkers for improved disease diagnostic or prognostic monitoring, or novel targets for therapeutic intervention.

Figure showing ultra-high resolution mass spectra of crude lipid extracts from primary human colon carcinoma cell line SW480, and its lymph node metastatic derivative SW620.

Figure 1: Ultra-high resolution mass spectra of crude lipid extracts from primary human colon carcinoma cell line SW480, and its lymph node metastatic derivative SW620. From these spectra, >1000 lipids can be identified, and relative quantification performed between the cell lines, with significant changes in both plamanyl- and plasmenyl-ether lipid abundances. siRNA knockdown of the rate limiting peroxisomal enzyme for ether lipid biosynthesis, alkylglyceronephosphate synthase (AGPS), within the SW620 cells followed by comprehensive lipidome profiling and PCR array analysis, results in the attenuation of multiple genes known to be associated with molecular and phenotypic characteristics of cancer malignancy and metastasis.


Dr Eileen Ryan, Research Fellow
Dr Troy Attard, Research Fellow
Mr Shuai Nie, PhD, visiting from Michigan State University
Mr Xinghe Zhang, MSc
Mr Yepy Rustam, MSc Biotechnol

Research Publications

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