Koopman laboratory: Clinical nutrition and muscle metabolism

Research Overview

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The goal of the Clinical Nutrition and Muscle Metabolism Laboratory is to increase the knowledge and understandings surrounding the regulation of skeletal muscle mass by amino acids, which will then enable us to define the most effective interventions to improve health and/or functional performance in acute and chronic metabolic disease.

Our research encompasses basic and translational programs, focusing mainly on nutritional interventions which can help to improve muscle metabolism in health and disease.

Our main areas of interest are muscle protein and carbohydrate metabolism in response to amino acids in health and disease, exercise metabolism, clinical nutrition, sepsis, and ageing.


Associate Professor René Koopman, Head of Laboratory

Dr Marissa Caldow, Postdoctoral Fellow

Francesca Alves,  PhD student

Dylan Chung, PhD student

John Nguyen, PhD student

Amy Bongetti, PhD student


2019-2022 ARC Development Grant. Mechanisms of age - related changes in amino acid signaling in skeletal muscle

2022 -  2025  NHMRC Grant. Interrogating the therapeutic potential of slow muscle programming in cancer