Teaching and Learning

Our great educators organised the following events for lecturers and students:

▹ SBS Teaching and Learning Excellence Awards

SBS Teaching and Learning Excellence Awards


MDHS Awards for Learning and Teaching Excellence

  • MDHS Award for Learning and Teaching Achievement: Dr Terry Mulhern, Dr Heather Verkade, Ms Izabela Szambelanczyk Orval, Ms Irene Koumanelis and Mr Allen Espinosa: Enhance, Engage and Energize. Applying an evidence-based approach to improving large class teaching.
    (L-R) Irene Koumanelis, Izabela Szambelanczyk Orval, Professor David Williams,
    Dr Terry Mulhern, Professor Shitij Kapur, Dr Heather Verkade
  • MDHS Award for Program Innovation: A/Prof Jenny Hayes: Celebrating the ultimate gift: The development and impact of the Commemorative Thanksgiving Service
    (L-R) Professor Shitij Kapur, Nigel Langley - accepting the award on behalf of
    his mother Associate Professor Jenny Hayes, Professor David Williams


University of Melbourne Excellence Awards: Link

  • Award for Excellence in Engagement: Public Value: Associate Professor Jenny Hayes Commemorative Thanksgiving Service
  • David White Award for Teaching Excellence: Dr Charles Sevigny: Innovations in the classroom and online to enhance student engagement and active learning: Using 21st century technology to reach individual students in a large cohort.
    (L-R) Professor David Williams, Dr Charles Sevigny and Professor Shitij Kapur


Australian Awards for Learning and Teaching: Link

  • Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning: Dr Jason Ivanusic
    (L-R) Professor Shitij Kapur and Dr Jason Ivanusic