Research News

Fantastic work continues with our researchers being recognised in the news for their published work.

6/10Disrupting assembly of the inner membrane complex blocks Plasmodium falciparum sexual stage development

Molly Parkyn Schneider, Boyin Liu, et al. PLOS Pathogens: published October 6, 2017,

24/10New Australian laws to regulate clinical use of stem cells

Stem Cells Australia welcomes the announcement that the Australian Government will introduce regulatory changes to ensure the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will have greater regulatory oversight of the manufacturing and clinical use of autologous cells and tissues of this area.

These changes will address the sale of unproven stem cell treatments, increase safeguards to protect patients from harm and bring Australia into alignment with international standards.

Commenting on the announced change that will take effect in early 2018, Program Leader of Stem Cells Australia Professor Melissa Little said, “We are very pleased to see these changes announced. This will bring our industry in line with regulations in place in many international jurisdictions and safeguard the vulnerable patient groups from unproven and potentially unsafe practices”.

Stem Cells Australia, led by Associate Professor Megan Munsie (who heads the Munsie Lab in the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience), has long called for more stringent regulatory oversight to protect the Australian public and overseas visitors from harm, and to ensure genuine efforts to translate promising stem cell research into clinical benefit are not stymied.

With these reforms, we now have in place a regulatory framework to advance stem cell medicine in Australia.