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▹ 2017 Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science

▹ SBS Consolidated Seminar Program - November - December 2017

▹ Oz Single Cells showcases single cell expertise

▹ 17th Annual Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences Conference

▹ Under the Coverslip Competition

23rd October 2017 Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science
photo of GS Award awardees
(L - R) Dr Mibel Aguilar, Professor Edwina Cornish, Dr Stephanie Gras, Professor Leann Tilley, Professor Anne Kelso, Dr Jacqueline Matthews, Dr Frances Separovic, Dr Alyssa Barry

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2017 Georgina Sweet Awards for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science on Monday 23rd October. We had a fantastic turnout with the audience treated to some compelling presentations from our winners, along with an inspiring talk from our guest speaker Professor Anne Kelso about forging a career in science.

photo of part of the audience at the GS Awards
Part of the audience attending the GS Awards ceremony

Thank you to Professor Edwina Cornish for moderating a thoughtful panel discussion about what it means to be a woman in science and thank you to Westbourne Grammar School for making a special visit and taking steps to encourage the next generation of female scientists.

Congratulations again to our 2017 winners Megan Maher, Alyssa Barry and Stephanie Gras.

1st November - 15th December

Please keep a look out for our monthly School Consolidated Department Seminar Program.

The November - December program is available on our website:

9th - 10th November Oz Single Cells showcases single cell expertise

Oz Single Cells, the inaugural meeting of the Australian Cellular Panomics Consortium (ACPC) was held at WEHI on 9-10 November to bring together scientists across Australia interested in single cell biology, spanning computational, technical, and biological aspects.

The meeting, which was supported by the Centre for Stem Cell Systems, showcased the latest innovations in single cell research. This year, the meeting hosted an exciting mix of national and international speakers, including Professor Christine Wells (Director) and Elizabeth Mason from the Centre for Stem Cell Systems. The meeting also coincided with the launch of the Human Cell Atlas, a global initiative aiming to map and characterise all the cells in a healthy human body. Dr Shalin Naik, an affiliate member of the Centre and organiser of Oz Single Cells, is on the global organising committee and is helping to lead Australia’s involvement in this ambitious project.

27th - 29th November 17th Annual Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences Conference

On 27-29 November, the Anatomical Services team hosted the 17th Annual Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences Conference. Staff and students from many universities in Australia and New Zealand attended.

Speakers  included Dr Varsha Pilbrow (A&N), Dr Chris O’Donnell from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, and an international guest, Mr Volker Schill from Biodur, Germany.  Attendees had the opportunity to learn and hear about topics such as the conservation of human skeletons and the basics of plastination. Honours students were invited to present their research and anatomy staff were able to provide updates on their particular areas of speciality. Tours of the anatomy teaching labs, the preparation area and the Harry Brookes Allen Museum were conducted. The conference dinner was held at the Melbourne Zoo, with Dr Ryan Jefferies as a special guest speaker. The anatomy staff worked tirelessly to ensure the conference was a great success, with very positive feedback being received from the attendees.

1st December Under the Coverslip Competition

On 1 December, the Postgraduate Students of Anatomy Society hosted the annual Under the Coverslip competition, celebrating the amazing world of microscopy images. The foyer of the Kenneth Myer Building was filled with impressive and intriguing images submitted by graduate students from many departments and institutions.

The organising committee received entries from all departments within the School of Biomedical Sciences, as well as from across the University,  and a number of associated institutes

Thanks to Linda Fothergill and her team this was again an outstanding showcase of student research.

Congratulations to the prize winners and thanks to everyone who participated in the competition.

First Prize: 'Neurons network too' by Jenny Keller

Second Prize: 'Roots' by Casey-Ah Cann

Third Prize: 'Brain Garden human stem cell-derived neural rosettes' by Linghan Jia

Organiser's Choice: 'The Orb of Life' by Fernando Jativa

Best Title: 'Lawn & Order' by Philipp von Eisenhart-Rothe

People's Choice: 'Hot Lips: Medullas Night Out' by Ally Driessen