Showcasing our School and Department shared equipment and research initiatives.  In this edition we cover the following:

▹ Big Data Symposium - Dr Stuart Ralph ((Biochemistry & Molecular Biology) & Dr James Ryall (Physiology)

▹ Hatters' publication in the news in the US

▹ Imaging & Posters

    Big Data Symposium - Dr Stuart Ralph & Dr James Ryall

    The Research committee of the School of Biomedical Sciences organised a half-day symposium on “Making sense of Big Data in the age of -OMICS Research” on August 30th at the Kenneth Myer Building. The event brought together biologists and data scientists from a variety of disciplines to showcase a number of ways that researchers are generating and analysing big data sets to answer important biomedical questions. Presentations ranged from experimental design, manual and automated assessment of data quality, statistical analysis and data visualization. The event was co-chaired by Stuart Ralph (Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) and James Ryall (Department of Physiology) and was very well attended by researchers within and outside the School. Sixteen members of the audience live-tweeted the event, sending out over 100 tweets during the day. These tweets received over 50,000 views, and led to the #BigData17 hashtag being the number two trending topic in Melbourne and the number five trending topic in Australia for the day. A look back over the days tweets can be found at this Storify link.

    Hatters publication in the news in the US

    Huntington's Disease News discusses a recent Hatters lab publication and its implications for understanding the underlying mechanisms of Huntington's. This report was recently featured as a News Item.

    Imaging & Posters

    Department of Anatomy and Neurosciences Imaging and Posters Unit provides an imaging and poster service for all staff and student members of the School of Biomedical Sciences. Click here for a flyer with full details or email


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