Head of School Message March 2018

Welcome all to what is already looking like a great 2018 and I hope you enjoy our new look School newsletter.

We enjoyed the Dean’s Roadshow addressed to our School on Tuesday, which provided a comprehensive and insightful update to what is happening across the Faculty and beyond.  I hope for those that could not make it that you can join us next time and I thank staff who took time to attend.

I also wanted to thank everyone involved with grant submissions for their hard work and dedication, our School submitted increased numbers of NHMRC project and ARC Discovery Grant applications. These numbers are graphed below.  My best wishes to all.

I very much look forward to our inaugural School of Biomedical Sciences and Department of Surgery Collaborative Forum, referred to as “Speed-dating” on Tuesday, 27 March.  It is extremely important to engage our colleagues from the Melbourne Medical School as many high impact studies published in the best journals are invariably including teams from both basic research and clinical departments.  This is particularly true with Surgery with recent landmark papers on single cell sequencing that required access to freshly removed and well-characterised human tissue material. Our research precinct is ideal for such collaborative studies. The collaborative forum on March 27th will make sure that such opportunities are identified and supported. Indeed, the Department of Surgery, the School of Biomedical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences are jointly contributing funds for enabling collaborative grants supporting the best ideas emerging from the forum. I wish all attending a fruitful meeting.