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ServiceCharge Additional information
Professional services (including labour,
technical assistance and in-depth
experimental design consultation)
$109.00/hr (minimum 30
mins charge)
E.g. cutting, staining, technical
service, consultation for
experimental design. Excludes
reagents & consumables
Paraffin processing of tissue cassettes
(cassettes wrapped in foil)
$6.00/block if biopsy pad and
cassette supplied by client
$6.15/block if biopsy pad and
cassette supplied by Platform
For mega blocks, add $1.00/block
Paraffin processing of tissue cassettes
followed by embedding by Platform staff
$11.00/block For mega blocks, add $1.00/block
Decalcification $9.60/sample  
Automated haematoxylin and eosin staining $3.00/slide  
Automated cover-slipping $0.40/slide  

Equipment/facilities for client use

ServiceCharge Additional information
User inductions and training
Induction to Platform (compulsory for users
of the in-house equipment and facilities)
$54.50/session If users from multiple research
group attend, the charge is split
between the groups
Equipment lesson for microtome, cryostat or
$54.50 per 30 mins per
person (minimum 1 hr)
Equipment lessons are strictly
Equipment and facilities
Embedding or re-embedding of paraffin block $2.00/block  
Freezing of tissue using isopentane $8.50 per 15 mins  
Paraffin microtome use $8.00/hr (minimum 1 hr
Blades not included
Cryostat use $30.00/hr (minimum 30 mins
Consumables included
Vibratome use $15.00/hr Consumables included
Light microscope (Olympus CX3 series
microscope with digital imaging system)
$12.00/hr $15.00/hr if users are not otherwise
clients of the Platform
General usage of available facilities $8.50 per 15 mins E.g. staining, glassware usage,
consumables, dewaxing/coverslipping
by hand


Staff labour costs may also apply.

Haematoxylin and eosin (H&E) $3.00/slide
Nissl (cressyl violet), nuclear fast red, toluidine blue, orcein, alcian blue (AB), picro-sirius red $3.00/slide
Periodic acid-Schiff (PAS), Congo red, Giemsa, Perl’s, Verhoeff–Van Gieson (VVG) (more stains available) $6.60/slide
Masson trichrome, Luxol fast blue (LFB), AB/PAS (more stains available) $8.40/slide
Silver stains $14.50/slide
Immunohistochemistry (antibody provided by user) $10.20/slide
Other stains not listed above Pricing by arrangement

Other reagents and consumables

Dry chemicals Pricing by arrangement
Ethanol $8.50/litre
Formalin (10% neutral buffered formalin) $8.00/litre
OCT (cryo-protective tissue freezing medium) $47.50/bottle
Xylene or equivalent solvent $9.00/litre
Blades for microtome $4.95ea
Blades for vibratome $1.00ea
Box – cardboard paraffin block filing box $13.00ea
Box – 100 place plastic slide box $20.00ea
Box – foam freezing box $9.00ea
Cryostat roll plate $210.00ea
Freezing moulds – medium size $2.50ea
Freezing moulds – large size $3.80ea
Slides – Superfrost plus or equivalent adhesive slides $0.65/slide or $46.80 per pack of 72 slides
Slides – plain/untreated slides $0.25/slide or $12.50 per pack of 50 slides

All prices are in Australian dollars and are subject to change.

Download a PDF version of Melbourne Histology Platform service charges here.

The Melbourne Histology Platform endeavours to provide the highest quality service that it can within its control, however the Platform bears no responsibility for unforeseen circumstances and/or the final product.
Work is accepted on every weekday (excluding University holidays or periods of staff absence/illness) and the work processed according to the date and time of receipt.
If clients request priority service, a $50.00 charge will apply.
Upon completion of work and/or at the end of the month, an invoice will be issued to clients and will include/be accompanied by an itemised service list. GST applies to all users who are external to the University of Melbourne.