Yuxiu Connie Xia

Dr. Yuxiu Connie Xia completed her PhD study in University of Melbourne in 2012, which was focusing on the cell-cell interactions on asthma pathobiology. She commenced a post-doctoral position with Prof Alastair Stewart in 2012 in the Department of Pharmacology & Therapeutics at The University of Melbourne. Her research interests focus on understanding the airway viral infection-exacerbated chronic respiratory disease. Connie has received a 4 years’ salary-only NHMRC Peter Doherty-Australian Biomedical Fellowship commenced in 2014 (including two periods of maternity leave and returning part-time).  She has also been awarded a 2 years' Early-mid Career Researcher (EMCR) National Asthma Research Trust Grant in 2017.

Connie has extensive experience and relevant expertise in multiple airway structural cells and immune cells biology and therapeutic responsiveness. Her current research is focusing on examining the respiratory viral infection-induced inhaled corticosteroid insensitivity in airway bronchial epithelial cells, and studying the interactions between airway smooth muscle cells and airway epithelial cell. Moreover, she’s also involved in developing advanced cell culture systems, such as organotypic cultures systems in the laboratory.

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    Airway viral infection-exacerbated lung disease

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    1115Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
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    • Cell culture
    • Molecular biology
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