Adam Blanch

Adam’s background is in materials research, investigating the fabrication and characterisation of novel metallic and carbon-based nanomaterials in laboratories in Adelaide, Australia and more recently in Munich, Germany. His current research focus centres on the red-blood cell, particularly the membrane skeleton, its development from progenitor cells, and how the structure and function of the mature blood cell is modified during malaria infection.

This research makes use of high resolution electron microscopy with super-resolution fluorescence microscopy in correlative approaches, as well as microfluidics techniques for live cell characterisation, which are broadly applicable to other systems.

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  • Current Research Focus

    Red blood cells and malaria

    Field of ResearchDescription
    601Biochemistry and cell biology
    60307Host-Parasite Interactions
  • Key Skills
    • Electron microscopy
    • Bioinformatics
    • Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
    • Atomic force microscopy
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    In the culture/characterisation of hematopoietic stem cells