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EMCRA Committee

Are you interested in joining the EMCRA steering committee in 2019?

Maybe you want to be one of the our co-chairs? Fill in this online form by 27 November 2018 to join the committee in 2019!

To ensure you're aware of the activities and requirements of being a committee member, please refer to our Terms of Reference. Each committee member is required to attend monthly steering committee meetings and participate in one of our four subcommittees.

Update: Thank you for your interest. Applications are now closed.

The EMCRA committee meets monthly to discuss ways we can help support the level A and B postdoctoral research in the School of Biomedical Sciences. We have 26 members in 2018.

Anatomy & NeuroscienceBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyMicrobiology & ImmunologyPharmacology & TherapeuticsPhysiology
Tara BautistaDavid AscherAnnabell BachemJeffrey LiddleJames Ryall
Alice BrandliKatrina BingerAmy ChungJohn KarasKevin Watt
Jessica FletcherAdam BlanchSapna DeviSusan Northfield 
Lincon StampDezerae CoxNicholas GherardinElena Schneider 
 Urmi DhagatKatharina HochheiserAndrew Watt 
 Elizabeth KingNichollas Scott  
 Claire WeekleyMilas Ugur  
  Paul Whitney  

2018 EMCRA Steering Committee

2018 EMCRA Steering Committee

We have formed four subcommittees to champion our goals for the year:

  • Scientific
  • Social
  • Development
  • Communications

The Scientific subcommittee are the driving force behind our EMCRA Collaborative Award, and our annual research symposium.

2018 EMCRA Scientific subcommittee

Scientific subcommittee (left to right): Elizabeth King, David Ascher, Paul Whitney, Claire Weekley, Nichollas Scott, Jeffrey Liddle, Alice Brandli, Adam Blanch (Additional members: Amy Chung, Andrew Watt)

The Social subcommittee keep us all networked face-to-face, organising regular social activities for EMCRs to catch-up and relax. These activities are a great way for new staff to make friends when they join our School!

2018 EMCRA Social subcommittee

Social subcommittee (left to right): Annabell Bachem, Katharina Hochheiser, Katrina Binger, Lincon Stamp (Additional members: James Ryall, Kevin Watt)

The Development subcommittee are here to create and support opportunities for professional skills development for EMCRs within the School.

2018 EMCRA Development subcommittee

Development subcommittee (left to right): Urmi Dhagat, Jessica Fletcher (Additional members: Nicholas Gherardin, John Karas)

The Communications subcommittee keep us all connected, whether it's via email, social media or this website! Contact us with any of your burning questions, or if you need to get the word out about any upcoming events or achievements in the School.

2018 EMCRA Communications subcommittee

Communications subcommittee (left to right): Tara Bautista, Susan Northfield, Dezerae Cox, Milas Ugur, Elena Schneider, Sapna Devi

The EMCRA committee has four co-chairs in 2018:

  • Katrina Binger
  • Jessica Fletcher
  • Susan Northfield
  • Nichollas Scott

2018 EMCRA Co-Chairs

2018 Co-Chairs (left to right): Katrina Binger, Jessica Fletcher, Susan Northfield, Nichollas Scott