Where will your career take you? Life gets exciting beyond the Bachelor of Biomedicine

What do an architect, an optometrist, an orthopaedic surgery registrar, a dentist, a patent attorney, a physiotherapist, a critical care resident, a lab manager and a continuous improvement manager all have in common? A Bachelor of Biomedicine....

On Tuesday 23 April, at The Woodward Centre, our 3rd year (and some 2nd year) Bachelor of Biomedicine students welcomed a diverse group of Alumni who spoke candidly about their careers, career journey and offered advice, tips and feedback.

One thing is for certain, the event highlighted how studying the Bachelor of Biomedicine offers students pathways to some incredible career opportunities.

’I feel really inspired after the event! Everyone was so passionate about their work. It was so great to hear that the Alumni were all in different professional areas, and yet still all really enjoy their careers,’ said one student after the event.

Students who attended this years Careers Afternoon Tea, meet 9 very impressive Bachelor of Biomedicine Alumni.

’The event was great, the alumni were so different - different personalities, different approaches to study and their career. It’s been really valueable for me as I'm deciding what to do next,’ said another student.

The event was opened by Head, School of Biomedical Sciences, Professor Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka and Biomedicine Program Director, A/Professor James Ziogas, who both shared their career journey, their passion for translational health sciences, and the vast opportunities available to students through the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Biomedical Precinct partner organisations.

‘Your career has already started... your casual and part time jobs count, the soft skills you practice in everyday life count. So think broadly when deciding your next steps and be empowered to not only follow your passion, but be imaginative, be inquisitive, forge a path that’s right for you’.

The Careers Roundtable event is held annually, and is an important event for students who are exploring their career options and pathways. It helps students understand the diverse spectrum of jobs, careers, fields, and industries a Bachelor of Biomedicine will open to them.

‘It’s great to see so many of you starting important career conversations that will help you navigate a career direction best for you’.

A special thank you to our Alumni who took time out of their busy schedules to inspire and motivate:


  • Anahita Ghanbari, Lab Manager
  • Kieren Do, Optometrist
  • Scott Starkey, Physiotherapist, Lecturer & Lab Coordinator
  • Vlad Litvinenko, Continuous Improvement Manager, Asahi Beverages
  • Michelle Mun, Dentist & Lecturer
  • Karin Gunatilake, Orthopaedic Surgery Registrar, The Alfred Hospital
  • Celine Dubois, Student Support & Department Liaison Coordinator, The Florey Institute
  • Carla Mileo, Student Architect, Hassell Studio
  • Michelle Blythe, Patent Attorney, Spruson & Ferguson