School hosts Senior Business leaders and Governor of Minnesota to showcase the Biomedical Precinct

Together with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Head of School, Prof Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka facilitated a roundtable discussion and tour of the Precinct with dignitaries.

The AmCham, Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, and his delegation were given a tour of CSL Jumar, showcasing the biotech incubator and getting a bird’s eye view of the Biomedical Precinct.

The event, organised by AmCham, included a number of dignitaries including US Counsel General Kathleen Lively and Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions Secretary Tim Ada.

The lunch and roundtable discussion brought together the synergies between the two states of Minnesota and Victoria with the conversation touching on biotech, education, the Fulbright scholarship program – and a love of football.

Image: Governor Walz (centre) with Prof Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka

Thanks to AmCham for involving the School of Biomedical Sciences in this visit – it was a great connection between Minnesota, the University and School.

Head of School, Prof Jennifer Wilkinson-Berka