Obesity and addiction therapies research makes NHMRC’s 10 of the Best list

NHMRC-funded research from Behavioural Neuroscientist, Dr Robyn Brown (DBP), has been selected for the latest edition of Ten of the Best Research Projects.

Image: Dr Robyn Brown at the NHMRC Research Awards, April 2024 (Photography by PewPew Studio/NHMRC)

The NHMRC’s flagship publication, Ten of the Best Research Projects (Fifteenth Edition) showcases innovative research from across Australia, funded by NHMRC, that is contributing to the prevention and treatment of the burgeoning health issues facing our community.

In the latest edition, Dr Robyn Brown, Head of the Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory, (Dept of Biochemistry & Pharmacology), was selected for her research project which is exploring how the brain is involved in overeating and potential new ways of treating obesity.

We have compelling preliminary data that show deficits in the brain associated with addiction are also found in diet-induced obesity. Therefore strategies used to treat addiction, whether it’s drinking or gambling, can potentially be used to treat obesity.

Dr Robyn Brown

This year's Ten of the Best Research Projects publication, highlighting the quality and diversity of projects funded under NHMRC’s Grant Program, was launched at the NHMRC Research Excellence Awards ceremony last week.

Image: Dr Robyn Brown with Prof Jane Gunn, Dean of MDHS, at the NHMRC Research Excellence Awards, April 2024

"In showcasing this research, we hope to give much deserved recognition to the researchers who strive towards improving the health and wellbeing of all Australians...We also hope the publication will inspire others to consider a career in health and medical research.”


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