MDHS Award for Learning and Teaching Achievement

Congratulations to Dr Michelle Rank (Dept of Anatomy & Physiology) who has received the award for her sustained achievement in learning and teaching.

Dr Michelle Rank was announced as the recipient of the MDHS Award for Learning and Teaching Achievement at the annual Staff Excellence Award ceremony. The Department of Anatomy and Physiology Senior Lecturer has been awarded for her excellence in inspiring lifelong passion for anatomy, combining technology-driven curriculum with a human-centred approach to learning design.

Dr Michelle Rank is a passionate Teaching Specialist in Topographical Anatomy and teaches human anatomy to nearly 1000 students each year, including undergraduate Biomedicine and graduate Medicine students. The award showcases Dr Rank’s unique approach to teaching which combines bespoke technology resources with a deeply person-centred approach.

Dr Rank has designed novel digital resources, including 3D digitised anatomical specimens, and deploys these resources to help reduce the anxiety of the anatomy lab, increase flexible learning opportunities, and deliver a rich multimodal learning experience to her students. Her innovative approach to teaching embodies the Department of Anatomy and Physiology’s commitment to high-quality equitable learning outcomes for all students.

See one of Dr Rank’s 3D anatomical models here.

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