Stuart Mazzone receives lectureship from AAAAI Foundation

Research group leader, Prof Stuart Mazzone, DAP has been awarded the Kaplan AAAAI Foundation Lectureship.

As part of the lectureship award, Stuart Mazzone attended the 2024 American Academy of Asthma Allergy and Immunology (AAAAI) Annual Meeting in Washington where he delivered the Presidential Plenary on neuroimmunology.

Professor of Neuroscience, Interim School of Biomedical Science Director of Research, Deputy Head of Department of Anatomy and Physiology, and Head of the Laboratory of Respiratory Sensory Neuroscience, Stuart Mazzone's research focuses on the neural pathways regulating airway defensive reflexes and respiratory sensations using multidisciplinary approaches in preclinical laboratory models and clinical studies in humans.

His presentation at the AAAAI symposium focused on the role of the nervous system in mediating inflammation and host defense.

It was such an honour to receive the Kaplan lectureship and present the Quad AI presidential symposium. As a neuroscientist, knowing that my team’s work is having impact into other disciplines is tremendously rewarding and reaffirms that as scientists, we can’t work in discipline silos’.

The Kaplan lectureship: Allen P. Kaplan, MD, FAAAAI Lectureship: Creating Knowledge for Our Future, honours the life work of Dr. Allen P. Kaplan who made an important mark on the allergy/immunology specialty through his work as a physician scientist and mentor to many in the field.

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The Respiratory Sensory Neuroscience Research Group

Using their expertise in studying cough in humans, the Respiratory Sensory Neuroscience Research Group builds on clues revealed by animal studies to develop a deeper understanding of the nerve processes and brain networks involved in cough and how their activity may be altered in people suffering from acute (short-term) and chronic (long-term) cough.

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