Dr Tim Jackson talks ‘snakes’ with 3AW Afternoon’s Tony Moclair on International Snake Bite Awareness Day

Dr Timothy Jackson, Australian Venom Research Unit, Dept of Biochemistry & Pharmacology, spoke with Tony Moclair on 3AW radio Afternoons program, on International Snake Bite Awareness Day.

Ever wanted to know if a snake has a particular personality, or has had a ‘bad scale day’ or if you can take your pet snake surfing? Tony asks Timothy about his childhood pet snake ‘fluffy’ and other important questionsssssss!

As Tony says, “Snakes are always fun to talk about. They’re not fun to be anywhere near around.”

As we start preparing for the Australian summer ahead, International Snake Bite Awareness Day reminds us about acceptable behaviour around snakes, and what to do in an emergency if we are bitten by a snake– remain calm, apply pressure immobilisation bandaging, call emergency services.

But it also highlights that snakebite envenoming is a World Health Organisation (WHO) declared neglected tropical disease contributing to over 100,000 deaths per year.

Listen to the interview:

Dr Timothy Jackson is an evolutionary toxinologist investigating venoms and antivenoms for the Australian Venom Research Unit, Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology, School of Biomedical Sciences.

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