DAP Winners! Brain Awareness Video Contest 2023

Honours students Ria and Manveer, from the Department of Anatomy & Physiology, have won both the first place prize and the People's Choice award for this year's Brain Awareness Video Contest!

Ria and Manveer's video submission, How Networks in the Brain Give Us Artificial Intelligence, has won the votes of the public and of the contest judges for this year's competition. The video has garnered almost 4,000 views and close to 500 likes.

As a result of their victory, they have been given the opportunity to register for the Neuroscience 2023 event in Washington DC, alongside a $4,000 monetary reward. The opportunity is one of a kind for the two students given neuroscience is "the one passion [they] both share".

We congratulate our honours students on this amazing achievement.

Brain Awareness Contest 2023