Concluding Another Inspiring Year: Highlights from the 2023 'E-Meet a Biomedical Scientist' Program

Another year, another successful e-Meet program. The program is an opportunity for high school students to get an insight into life working in the Biomedical Sciences. It is a unique chance for prospective biomedical students to hear from our own University of Melbourne biomedical researchers about their careers as well as the biomedical field in general.

What is e-Meet a Biomedical Scientist and why should you participate?

Last month, during National Science Week, the 2023 edition of the e-Meet a Biomedical Scientist program took place, where Victorian high school science classes and some of our Biomedical Researchers from the University of Melbourne were paired together. Our Biomedical Scientists shared their career stories, their journey into the biomedical science field and answered many other science-related questions. As with previous sessions, it appears there is an appetite for these activities, receiving lots of positive responses.

It is important for students to understand what subjects they study at school look like in the real world. Students need to appreciate the subjects they are studying in the context of the real world and outside the classroom.

Prof Matthew Watt chose to increase student engagement with the program by using oranges as props to represent ‘fatty acids’ in his lesson about fatty liver disease for the Year 9 students at Vermont Secondary School. Who knew oranges had so many uses!

“It is so great for the students to hear from scientists who are working on fundamental research. The students understood a lot of what Dr Lou Fourriere-Chea was explaining because they’d learned about enzymes, organelles like the Golgi and RER, along with HeLa cells.” –Girton Grammar School

Dr Lou Fourriere-Chea
Research Fellow in the Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology

Professor Stuart Ralph
Professor in the Department of Biochemistry & Pharmacology

“The highlight of the session was hearing about how varied Stuart [Ralph]’s job was. It wasn't just sitting in a lab doing experiments but incorporated so many different things…it was very informative and engaging” – Box Hill High School

“An excellent opportunity for our students to engage with a Biomedical Scientist. The students loved  to participate in trying some of these hand tests to see how Mr. Fogg’s learnings/teachings applied to the practical world.” – Catholic College Wodonga

A/Professor Quentin Fogg
Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Physiology

Dr Kate Hatzopoulos
Lecturer in the Department of Anatomy & Physiology

“There was a lot of chatter and buzzing after Dr Hatzopoulos left! They really did pay attention and took notice of what she said.” – Sacred Heart Girls’s College Oakleigh

“The highlight of the session was all the interesting questions from the students, such as asking about the challenges to be a woman in science” – Dr Kate Hatzopoulos

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If you are interested in participating in next year’s program, keep an eye out for the registrations that will open months prior to National Science Week (10-18 August). To keep up with the School of Biomedical Sciences News & Events, visit our website.