Welcome from Head of School

Professor Fabienne Mackay
Head, School of Biomedical Sciences

It is with great pleasure that I officially welcome you all to our inaugural School of Biomedical Sciences Newsletter – a great way to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of our School. It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to work with so many talented researchers, students, educators and professional staff. A lot has been achieved in one year, in time for the arrival of our new Dean, Professor Shitij Kapur. I also would like to thank our current Dean, Professor Mark Hargreaves and colleagues on the Faculty Executive for their wonderful support during this first year.

The newsletter will be circulated quarterly, with information and achievements within our School. We are a big School spread across many sites, hence it is important that we create as many communication links as possible, so you can be aware of the talent and capability elsewhere. The best institutions in the world such as Yale, Stanford, and Oxford Universities to name a few, drive their success from the realisation that tackling complex problems cannot be resolved within a single academic discipline. Hence, we should constantly promote interdisciplinary collaborations and encourage collaborative communities thinking outside the square, as an effective intellectual culture leveraging the broad strengths of our School, and beyond. The newsletter also speaks about our identity and profile.  We have a lot to offer to the University, the community and the world but most importantly to each other. This is your newsletter and it should convey the messages and information that will best promote and support your success. Therefore I encourage you to submit your story and suggestions by the suggested deadlines.