Professor Fabienne Mackay

Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences

Our researchers always appreciate the opportunity to talk with students and to share their work with young, enquiring minds. I believe this is an exciting time for biomedicine worldwide and the School of Biomedical Sciences is at the forefront of teaching and research with the goal of advancing human health.

Every day, our students and academics push the boundaries of what we see and understand. We have people who study the intimate workings of cells in real time, others using data from around the globe to try and stay ahead of deadly virus, and some who focus on major advances in genomics to understand the complex integration of a person’s biology and the environment – and their impact on disease.

If you are a student wishing to pursue a career in biomedical sciences, medicine or professional health, you will find an inspiring, welcoming and inclusive place here.

Find out more about the Skype a (Biomedical) Scientist program and participating researchers here.