Seminars - Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Below seminars are held in the Doherty Auditorium, Ground Floor.

Research Seminars - Held on Thursdays 12.00pm – 1.00pm.

Special Research Seminars - In addition to the usual Thursday Research Seminars, there may be occasional Special Research Seminars which could be held at different times.

PhD Completion Orations - Held on Friday afternoons from 3.30pm – 4.30pm.

Doherty Institute Immunology Theme: Data Presentation Series - Fortnightly on Mondays 1.00pm generally featuring speakers from across the Institute.

Below seminars are held in the larger Seminar Room GM002, Ground Floor Mezzanine

Work in Progress Seminar Series - generally held every third Thursday of each month at 4pm

Respiratory Research Seminars - generally held every third Monday of each month at 11am

Seminar attendees are welcome to refreshments after every each seminar.


4 June, 12pm
Dr Amabel Tan
RIC, University of Melbourne
Identifying and navigating grant funding opportunities through the Medical Research Futures Fund (MRRF)Dr Brendon Chua
6 JuneA/Prof Wai-Hong Tham
Walter & Eliza Hill Institute
Malaria Parasite Invasion: versatile structural scaffolds and alternate erythrocyte receptorsDr Amy Chung
17 June, 12pm
Dr Denisse Leyton
Australian National University
Molecular basis for the folding of β-helical autotransporter passenger domainsDr Hayley Newton
20 JuneA/Prof Thomas GebhardtTissue-resident memory T cells in persisting infection and cancer surveillanceDr Alexandra Corbett
27 JuneA/Prof Charles ScangaModeling TB in Nonhuman Primates- New ParadigmsA/Prof Shelby O'Connor
18 JulyA/Prof Victoria Lawson
DMI, University of Melbourne
Strain variation in medically relevant prion diseaseDr Alexandra
25 July, 1pmProf Antoine Roquilly
University of Nantes, France
Acute inflammation induces susceptibility to infection by initiating a protracted paralysis program of alveolar macrophagesProf Jose Villadangos
1 AugustProf Bana Jabri
University of Chicago, USA
Tissue resident T cells in health and diseaseA/Prof Laura Mackay
21 August
A/Prof Michael Gerner
University of Washington, Seattle USA
Innate-adaptive immune cell crosstalk in the context of lymphoid tissue organizationA/Prof Scott Mueller
19 SeptemberDr Daniel Utzschneider
DMI, University of Melbourne
Precursor exhausted T cells (TPEX) maintain T cell responses in chronic infections and cancerDr Alexandra Corbett
30 September, 10am (Monday)Prof Percy Knolle
Technical University Munich, Germany
Metabolic activation of CD8 T cell causing liver auto-agression during non-alcoholic steatohepatitisA/Prof Thomas Gebhardt
30 September, 12pm (Monday)Matteo Iannacone, MD, PhD
San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Italy
In vivo imaging of antiviral immune responsesA/Prof Scott Mueller
17 OctoberDr Tobias Bald
QIMR Berghofer
Inhibitory immune receptors: Are we barking up the wrong tree?A/Prof Thomas Gebhardt
18 October,
1pm (Friday)
Dr Nihal Altan-Bonnet
All aboard: Vesicles, enteric viruses and strength in numbers.Prof Kanta Subbarao
28 October, 12pm (Monday)Dr Chris Whitfield               University of Guelph, CanadaAll about the sugars: studies on the assembly bacterial cell surfacesDr Nick Scott
21 NovemberProf Lorena Brown
DMI, University of Melbourne
5 DecemberRonald Germain, M.D., Ph.D.


5 July date not available
12 July no seminar scheduled 
19 JulyMichael SouterIdentification and characterisation of unconventional T cellsGodfrey/
McCluskey labs
26 July date available 
2 August date available 
9 August date not available
SPASIM Retreat
23 AugustMiku KubaLife in the recycling bin: understanding intracellular replication of Coxiella burnetiiNewton lab
30 August date availableBedoui lab
6 SeptemberPengfei LiCharactering virulent factors of L. pneumophila A. castellanii infectionHartland lab
13 SeptemberYi LiuUnderstanding influenza B humoral immunity to improve vaccine designKent lab
20 September date available 
27 September date not available
AFL Grand Final Day
4 OctoberCatriona
CD1a-restricted T cells: A hunt for cells and lipidsGodfrey lab
11 OctoberAna Maria Valencia HernandezNovel antigen and adjuvants for a malaria vaccineHeath lab
18 OctoberThao HuynhHepatitis B Virus “1mer” transfection as an in vitro and in vivo model for investigating viral replication and factors associated with its regulationRevill lab, VIDRL
25 OctoberKeit Loi

Stressed out: investigating antiviral interactions with the nervous system

Mueller lab
31 October (Thursday)Divya Narayanan

Innate immune responses to Semliki Forest virus infection in immature and mature neurons

Fazakerley lab
1 NovemberElise GressierThe role of T cell help in shaping dendritic cell functionBedoui lab
8 NovemberYogeswari ChandrantbcHartland lab
15 NovemberFernando
tbc Brooks/
Reading labs
22 November date avilable 
28 November (Thursday)Natalia Salazar-QuiroztbcPurcell lab
29 November date not available
World Aids Day
6 December date available 
9 December (Monday)Zuwena RichardsontbcLewin/Cameron Labs
12 December (Thursday)Julio CarreratbcMackenzie/Simmons Labs
13 DecemberBhavna PadmanabhantbcNewton lab


24 JuneNancy Wang (Strugnell lab)Maria Nogueira de Menezes (Heath lab), Timon Damelang (Chung lab), Tina Meischel (Brooks lab)
8 JulySanda Stankovic (Reading lab)


Hannah Kelly (Kent lab), Jimmy Chan (Godfrey lab), Santiago Valle Torres (Kallies lab)

22 JulyMitra Ashayeri-Panah (Villadangos lab)

Hannah Kelly (Kent lab), Catherine Kennedy (F. Mackay lab), Santiago Valle Torres (Kallies lab)

5 August
2pm start
Zhe Zhao (McCluskey lab)Will Horman (Kedzierska lab), Rohan Hitchcock (Heath lab), Rebecca Chisholm (MSPGH)
19 August
2pm start
Nazanin Ghazanfari (Heath lab)Jason Trubiano (Austin Hospital), Jen Juno (Kent lab), Srinath Govindarajan (Godfrey lab)
2 September
2pm start
Wen Shi Lee (Kent lab)Annabell Bachem (Bedoui lab), Alex Boussioutas (Associate Dean Graduate Research), Yannick Alexandre (Mueller lab)
16 September
2pm start
Maximilien Evrard (L. Mackay)Patrick Gubser (Kallies lab), Romain Guerillot (Howden lab), Hamish McWilliam (Villadangos lab), Abdou Hachani (Mackenzie lab), Christina Scheffler (Villadangos)
30 September no seminar
14 OctoberSanda Stankovic (Reading)Bingjie Wang (McCluskey), Jimmy Chan (Godfrey), Kasha Singh (Lewin)
28 OctoberYannick Alexandre (Mueller)Claire Gordon (L.Mackay), Marios Koutsakos (Kedzierska)


13 AugustDr Lauren HolzGlycolipid-peptide vaccination induces liver-resident memory CD8+ T cells that protect against malaria
17 SeptemberDr Jori SymonsTriplex forming oligonucleotides: a potential way to permanently silence HIV transcription


26 AugustProf Steven Riley
Imperial College London, UK
A life course of influenza infections and antibody repsonses
23 SeptemberBenjamin Smith, Tong lab
Milla McLean, Chung lab
Identifying patients with influenza - can we do better?

An Inflammatory Story - Antibodies in Tuberculosis and Kidney Disease
21 October

Lara Schwab

Sheena Sullivan & Arseniy Khvorov

RIG-I agonists and their use as antiviral treatment

Establishing immune correlates of protection for influenza vaccines