SBS Research Mini-Conference inspires

A sell-out audience on 25 June heard from esteemed guest speakers about the latest in biomedical research within the School, and beyond.

Coxiella burnetiid. Motor neurone disease. Racemic protein crystallisation. Influenza viral pathogenesis. HIV latency. Neovascular retinopathies. Gene delivery technologies. Mitochondrial Disease. Academia and industry – and much more was covered in last week’s SBS Research Mini-Conference.

Over 170 attendees heard from representatives of our five departments, EMCRA and esteemed guest speakers, Professor Peter Doherty and Professor Sharon Lewin.

Head of School, Professor Fabienne Mackay says: “Overall, the conference was a fabulous opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the outstanding biomedical research that is being driven across the School.

“We were left feeling inspired to stand among such a highly esteemed cohort of researchers.”

Professor Peter Doherty shares his career journey.

Professor Doherty, who shared a Nobel Prize in 1996 with colleague Rolf Zinkernagel for immune system research, discussed his journey from vet school to Stockholm, and beyond.

Presenting on her research tackling HIV latency, Professor Lewin discussed basic T-cell biology and some of the clinical approaches being evaluated that could eventually lead to long-term control and cure of HIV, including virus elimination and immunotherapy. 

SBS Flash Thesis competition

The SBS Flash Thesis competition gave PhD candidates an opportunity to present their important research.

Congratulations to all the awardees:

  • Michael Dixon and Keit Loi – for the People’s Choice Award
  • Georgina Craig – first place for her presentation on “A new form of neural plasticity: how early experiences change our brain’s glue”.
  • Keit Loi – second place for "Getting on my nerves: the immune system says ‘Hi’”.
  • Therese Fazio Coles – third place for “A gut full: obesity and the gut”.

PhD candidate Georgina Craig won first place in the SBS Flash Thesis competition.

Emerging talents from EMCRA also presented their innovative multidisciplinary work with colleagues from various departments in the School.

On Twitter, #UnimelbSBS was trending in Melbourne at points throughout the day as attendees offered their commentary on the day's speakers.

“I look forward to hosting this event again as an opportunity for the School to showcase our progress in advancing human health,” concludes Professor Mackay.

Read more about the presenters and topics covered at the sell-out Mini-Conference in our Twitter coverage #UnimelbSBS.