Showcasing our School and Department shared equipment and research initiatives in the School.  

To highlight a few:

Master Collaboration Agreement - WEHI and University of Melbourne - CRISPR mice

Access to a list of equipment and facilities in our School

    The following captures some of the research initiatives within our school:

    Master Collaboration Agreement: WEHI and University of Melbourne  - CRISPR mice: Many thanks to Professor Paul Gleeson and Belinda Bain and also Jessica Hartley from the University Legal Office for their hard work in collaboration with Marco Herold and Julian Charles from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI). 

    Facilities and Equipment within the School:  The School of Biomedical Sciences website showcases some of the facilities and equipment under the “services” link on the School of biomedical sciences homepage.  Click here to access the site.

    Animal Strains:  A list of animal strains and relevant local contact details via the School Intranet which is currently being updated.  Click here to access the current list. Please note that an updated list is expected to be available at the end of October.

    Please send through details of any shared facilities and equipment for the next newsletter via email to: