NHMRC funding success for the School of Biomedical Sciences

Over $17.5 million in Investigator Grants awarded for 12 innovative research projects aimed at improving human health.

In total 37 applications were submitted in the NHMRC Investigator Grant program by the School of Biomedical Sciences. Twelve of these were successful, representing a 32.43% success rate this year, above the national average.

The highly competitive grants have been awarded to leading researchers in the Departments of Anatomy and Neuroscience (1); Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2) and Microbiology and Immunology (9), detailed below.

Overall, the Morrison Government will invest almost $400 million in world-leading health and medical research projects across Australia, as announced yesterday by The Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health.

Please join us in congratulating the following researchers on their success.

Outcomes for the NHMRC 2020 Investigator Grants

Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience

Dr Mike Clark

Elucidating the pathological role and predictive value of mental health disorder risk genes

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Dr Debnath Ghosal

Structural role of the host cytoskeleton during invasion of intracellular pathogens

Prof Michael Parker

Understanding cell signalling as a basis for new therapeutics

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Dr Alexandra Corbett

Targeting vitamin-reactive T cells for enhanced immunity

Dr Sidonia Eckle

The role of Mucosal-Associated Invariant T cells in protective and aberrant immunity

Prof Thomas Gebhardt

Understanding and harnessing immunity to fight melanoma

Prof Ben Howden

Genomics for combating antimicrobial resistant bacterial pathogens

Dr Danielle Ingle

Enhancing control of enteric bacteria through pathogen genomics

Dr Marios Koutsakos

Understanding immunity to influenza B viruses for a rationally designed universal vaccine

Dr Oanh Nguyen

Understanding immune responses to severe influenza virus infection and vaccination in humans

Prof Tim Stinear

Understanding complex genomic and biochemical landscapes in human health microbiology

Dr Daniel Utzschneider

Characterization and targeting of precursor exhausted T cells (TPEX) for the treatment of chronic infection and cancer

About NHMRC Investigator Grants

The Investigator Grant scheme was developed as part of a major reform of NHMRC’s grant program as implemented in 2019. The 2020 Investigator Grant round is the second round for this scheme and funds grants commencing in January 2021.


  • encourage innovation and creativity in research
  • provide opportunities for talented researchers at all career stages to
  • contribute to the improvement of human health, and
  • minimise the burden on researchers of application and peer review so that
  • researchers can spend more time producing high quality research

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