Katherine Kedzierska awarded Selwyn-Smith Medical Research Prize


Our congratulations to Katherine on receiving this prize.

The Selwyn-Smith Medical Research Prize is awarded by the University Council on the recommendation of a Committee comprising the Dean of the FHDHS and other faculty members. The prize is open to competition every third year and is awarded to the candidate whose original research has made, in the opinion of the committee, the most important contribution to medicine since the last award of the prize. 

Associate Professor Kedzierska's research is centred on understanding the key factors driving the generation of optimal immunity in viral infections, especially pandemic, seasonal and newly emerged influenza viruses. Her research achievements during the last 3 years include understanding:

  1. immune mechanisms driving recovery from severe avian H7N9 disease;
  2. genetic correlates of severe and fatal H7N9 disease, and that
  3. Indigenous populations are more vulnerable to the newly emerged influenza strains.