Infectious diseases researcher named 2020 Eureka Prize finalist

Dr Mark Davies (Dept of Microbiology, Doherty Institute) and his team have been shortlisted for their work on vaccine development for Group A Streptococcus.

Group A Streptococcus is a silent pandemic predominantly in remote regions or settings of poverty. Team Strep A, led by Dr Mark Davies has identified the evolutionary dynamics of this bacterial pathogen, contributing to the understanding of infection management and advancing vaccine design.

“Using cutting-edge sequencing technology, Team StrepA has provided a global framework for understanding the drivers of disease and for the informed development of a StrepA vaccine,” says Dr Davies.

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Team Strep A has been named a finalist for the Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre (AIDRC) Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases Research. A total of 51 entries were shortlisted for 17 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes and the winners will be announced Tuesday 24 November.

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