EMCRA Update

EMCRA has a new steering committee for 2018 and the funding rules for the upcoming EMCRA Collaborative Awards are now available.


The School’s Early-Mid Career Researchers Association (EMCRA) is excited to announce our steering committee for 2018! We have 27 members from across the five departments of the School (full list below), with a great mix of men/women and level A/B postdocs. We have formed four subcommittees to champion our goals for the year: Communications, Scientific, Social, and Development. Thank-you to all our committee members for joining us for another big year!

Anatomy & Neuroscience

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Microbiology & Immunology

Pharmacology & Therapeutics


Tara Bautista

David Ascher

Annabell Bachem

Jeffrey Liddle

James Ryall

Alice Brandli

Katrina Binger

Amy Chung

John Karas


Jessica Fletcher

Adam Blanch

Sapna Devi

Susan Northfield


Lincon Stamp

Dezerae Cox

Nicholas Gherardin

Elena Schneider


Urmi Dhagat

Katharina Hochheiser

Juliet Taylor


Elizabeth King

Nichollas Scott

Andrew Watt


Natalie Spillman

Milas Ugur


Claire Weekley

Paul Whitney


EMCRA would also like to announce that the funding rules for the upcoming EMCRA Collaborative Award are now available.

The Award is available to level A and B postdocs in SBS, who must submit projects of their own devising, and are collaborating with another postdoc from a different SBS department. This funding is intended to promote collaborations at the postdoctoral level in the School, and to help our postdocs gain research independence ahead of larger funding applications to the ARC and NHMRC. There is a total funding pool of $60k available, and awarded funds are estimated to be $10 – 20k per funded project. Last year’s EMCRA Collaborative Award was a fantastic success with a grant success rate of 50%.

The EMCRA Collaborative Award will open on the 4th of April. That gives researchers interested in applying for this award another five weeks before the award opens to start reaching out to potential collaborator within other departments. With this in mind, the first EMCRA drinks on the 16th of March at the Prince Alfred Hotel, 191 Grattan St is the ideal place to do this.

2018 EMCRA Steering Committee

(Co-Chairs: Susan Northfield, Jessica Fletcher, Katrina Binger and Nicholas Scott)