Dr Keit Loi

Senior Tutor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology

What does your research focus on and why is it important?

My research focused on neuroimmunology where I investigated the relationship between the nervous system and the immune response to viral infections. I also investigated immune responses to viral infections in highly innervated and specialised areas such as the cornea. It is important to investigate the cross-talk between these responses so we can better understand the different points where we can intervene with treatment options for various conditions.

What was your first job in Biomedical Sciences?

I worked as a demonstrator during my PhD, assisting in the practical classes for undergraduate students. Following that I also worked briefly in VIDRL performing SARS-CoV-2 PCR tests before starting a Postdoctoral Researcher position in the Doherty Institute.

What did you learn from your biggest mistake?

Working in Science is a constant journey in learning from mistakes. Many times I have had experiments fail due to a variety of reasons, including my own carelessness. I took every mistake as a learning opportunity to really focus on what could be changed and how I could make it better the next time.

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