Dr Laura Mackay - Michelson Prize Winner 2018

Our congratulations to Dr Laura Mackay (School of Biomedical Sciences and the Peter Doherty Institute) who was awarded the 2018 Michelson Prize for Human Immunology and Vaccine Research in June.

Dr Laura Mackay:

  • "The research that will be funded by the prize will be directly looking at how we can boost immune responses by tissue resident memory T cells...we want to augment the function of these cells and also the formation of these cells within tissues with a view that by boosting their function and boosting their lodgement we're able to get better protection against infection and cancer." (0:59–1:22)
  • "What we'd really hope and what we hope to translate all our...results towards is the generation of new immunotherapies that will incorporate these tissue resident memory T cells and will harness them to give us better protective responses against a wide variety of infections and also enhance tumour immunity." (1:24–1:40)

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