Awards and Gifts

Please join me in congratulating the following recipients of prestigious awards in recognition of their hard work and talent: Our researchers - Professor Fred Hollande, Professor Leann Tilley, Professor Christine Wells, Professor Roberto Cappai and Professor Erica Fletcher. Also our students -  Savant Thakur, Gabriel Bernasochi, Hai Ly, Khurran Khan, Ee Ming Wong and Dusty Flanagan.

Details of the awards are as follows:

RecipientsAward Details
Prof Christine WellsRecognised as part of the 2016 Scopus Eureka Prize for Excellence in International Scientific Collaboration.  Click here for details.
Prof Leann TilleyProfessor Leann Tilley and her colleagues Dr Nick Klonis, Associate Professor Julie Simpson and Associate Professor James McCaw from The University of Melbourne won the 2016 Australian Infectious Diseases Research Centre Eureka Prize for Infectious Diseases Research. Click here for details.
Prof Leann TilleyAwarded the Redmond Barry Distinguished Professor title, which recognises and awards outstanding leadership and research in the University and wider communities, and pre-eminence in research, teaching and creative activity. Click here for details.
Prof Roberto CappaiAwarded the BGRF Medal. Click here for details
Prof Erica FletcherHas been recognised with the prestigious 2016 Glenn Fry Award for her contribution to research. Click here for more details
Savant ThakurA PhD Student in the Department of Physiology, awarded the Lionel Murphy Endowment Postgraduate Scholarship for his work on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Click here for details.
Gabriel BernasochiA PhD Student in the Department of Physiology, awarded the International Society for Heart Research Student Investigator Prize for his presentation: 'Augmented aromatase expression in pathological hypertrophy and aged rat myocardium' delivered at the Society’s conference in Adelaide. Click here for details.
Hai Ly A PhD Student in the Department of Physiology, awarded the Royal Society of Victoria’s Young Scientist Research Prize (Biomedical & Health Sciences), recognising excellence in biomedical research. Click here for details.
Khurran KhanBachelor of Biomedical Student awarded Younger Victorian of the Year.  Click here for details.
Ee Ming Wong and
Dusty Flanagan
Both PhD Students, Ming from the Department of Pathology and Dusty from Department of Anatomy and Neurosciences, awarded Dyason Fellowships awarded by the University of Melbourne.  Click here for details.
A/Prof Fred HollandeAwarded the Dyason Fellowship and from AFRAN (Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation) to promote the organisation of a research symposium/workshop with international colleagues about tumour cell plasticity and resistance to treatment. The event is proposed to be organised either in early December 2016 or March 2017.