An RUOK Day toolkit

Mental health awareness is about more than one day, but for many reasons this is an important time to check out the resources available – in and outside the University – to help you stay mentally and physically well.

Whether you’re a School of Biomedical Sciences student, academic, professional staff, concerned friend or parent, the pandemic is affecting everyone differently. Arming yourself with the latest credible information and resources could help support your mental health and wellbeing today – and every day.

A Faculty Conversation
Join Prof. Jane Gunn and Natalie Hannan, Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion in conversation with a Faculty panel where we will share personal insights and practical tips.Register
Students' with Mental Health Issues Guide for AcademicsWritten by University of Melbourne students, this guide offers academics practical tips for helping students with mental health issues. It is intended to provide academics with a student perspective on how their condition affects their studies.Read more
Centre for Mental HealthFrom upcoming seminars and newly published journal articles, the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health is at the forefront of mental health research, with a particular focus on the impact of the global pandemic.Visit CMH
RU OK Day 2021University resources to support your health and wellbeing. Including a range of Pursuit articles and podcasts featuring University of Melbourne experts discussing topics relating to mental health.

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"Trust the Signs, Trust your Gut and Ask R U OK?"We can make a difference to those who might be struggling by having regular, meaningful conversations about life 's ups and downs.Visit RUOK
RUOK Day at UOMThe University has a full calendar of events on student mental health scheduled for 9 September and outlines how to access health and wellbeing servicesVisit student support
How to help a friendAt some time, somebody in your life is going to need help. Maybe they will ask or maybe they won’t. Keep track of your friends and your family and check in with them whenever you can. You might notice little things that actually mean a lot.
Visit headspace
How to support overseas friends and family dealing with COVIDIf you have loved ones overseas and trying to get home, or perhaps living in a country where lockdowns, restrictions and high COVID numbers are an everyday thing, here’s how you can helpLearn more


Parenting during lockdownAs a result of COVID-19 restrictions, 2020 was a challenging year for many parents – but did being at home with kids affect their levels of life satisfaction?Read more on Pursuit
How to support your child’s mental health through the pandemicThe COVID-19 pandemic has challenged kids and parents alike. The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne hosted a Facebook Live session on 25 August, which brought together an expert panel to discuss this important topic and offer practical advice for families.Watch this
In Pursuit of Health - Tips to help families cope during lockdownCOVID-19 has forced many families to adapt to a new reality of remote learning, working from home, cancellation of social activities and more time spent with family members, which can raise the emotional temperature for everyoneWatch this