• Forms Available to Download

    Sample Collection and Transport Guidelines .

    All samples must be labelled with:

    1. Minimum of two identifiers.
    2. Date of sample collection and sample source is essential.

    DownloadFM2664 (MDU Sample Transport Guidelines)

    Request Forms

    All request forms sent electronically must comply with the Privacy Act 1988, Health Records Act (Victoria) 2001 and the Information Privacy Act (Victoria) .

    Click on Button to download a copy of the MDU Privacy Policy Download

      FM Number Request Form Name
      FM108 VHPSS Request Form Download
      FM110 Human NEPSS Request Form Download
      FM111 Non-Human NEPSS Request Form Download
      FM116 HS Public Health Investigations Specimens Download
      FM117 WT Water Samples Download
      FM118 FD Food, Food Ingredient and Packaging Specimens Download
      FM119 HC Human Clinical Download
      FM123 General Specimens Request Form Download
      FM377 MDU PHL CBR Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM935 MDU Internal Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM979 MDU PHL General Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM1045 Legionella Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM1062 NS Neisseria cultures Request Form Download
      FM1541 Food and Water Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM1698 Request Form - Cryptosporidium typing Download
      FM1716 VIFM Request and Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM1718 Sealed Primary Container Description form Download
      FM1851 Culture Referral from Meat and Meat products Download
      FM1856 Food Act s23 Form Download
      FM1885 EV Environmental Samples, Swabs and Equipment Download
      FM2085 L monocytogenes Molecular Subtyping Download
      FM2159 VPFS Request and Chain of Custody Form Download
      FM2458 Carbapenemase detection, Human isolates Request Form Download
      FM2609 Enviromental Surveillance Sampling for CT and NG rRNA Download
      FM2634 Request Form – WGS Download
      FM2634 WGS-electronic download 2-COVID Download
      FM2673 DNA Bacterial Isolates for sequencing  Download
      FM2680 Pathology Request Form  Download
      FM2699 Carbapenemase detection Environmental samples Request Form Download
      FM2713 Superbugs Project Request Form  Download
      FM2728 Traveller's Diarrhoea Metagenomics Study PR2017-004 Download
      FM2739 Research samples Request Form Download
      FM2753 Multiple Human Clinical Isolates Request Form Download
      FM2784 iGas_Eastern Study Request Form Download
      FM2787 Phylogeny and Analysis of Whole Genome Sequence data Download
      FM2794 CDGNA Interjurisdictional AMR Genomic Surveillance Poject Download
      FM2810 Pathology Request_Mgen Download
      FM2845 Clinical Samples-Covid19 Download
      FM2871 Spit Study PR2020_014 CIRQIT Download
      FM2871 Spit Study PR2020_014 cohealth Download
      FM2875 Innovative Testing Project - Abbott ID NOW COVID-19 Download
      FM2876 Innovative Testing Project - Credo VitaPCR SARS-CoV-2 Download
      FM2877 Innovative Testing Project - SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Download
      FM2915 Request form-WGS International Covid Samples Download
      FM2921 Request Form - BARISTA Study Download
      FM2923 MSD Gram negative ICU study PR2021_010 Download
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    We are accredited with NATA for Biological, Veterinary (to ISO 17025), Medical Testing (to ISO 15189) and to the Forensic Operations Module.

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