The Centre for Pathogen Genomics has a dedicated genomics research training facility with an established framework to build laboratory, bioinformatics, and epidemiology capabilities in public health laboratories and research institutions across the Asia-Pacific. This training is tailored to align with the specific context of each country or jurisdiction and their broader policy frameworks. The Centre’s training approach also ensures that the implementation of training activities is sustainable and knowledge transfer is achieved through a train the trainer model.

The Centre’s capacity building and training initiatives encourage an internationally networked approach to build communities of practice across countries or sites, and support the implementation of genomics-enabled surveillance of infectious diseases.

Upcoming training

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Applied Pathogen Genomics - Melbourne MicroCert series

This series is designed for infectious diseases professionals seeking practical skills in the groundbreaking areas of pathogen genomics and bioinformatics. Taught by leading genomics experts, it will equip participants with the capacity to analyse and use genomic data in their own practice. There are four distinct courses covering key topic areas in the field of Microbial genomics.

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