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Thinking about Honours or Masters? Not sure which lab to do a research project in? Use these handy guides to help!

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Researcher’s describe their interests

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Honours and Master Project Booklet (PDF 7.1 MB)

In 2019 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours was rated 4.8/5 for overall Honours experience and 4.9/5 for Honours coordination.
“I just loved it”
“It was an incredible and meaningful year”.
“Best thing was doing real science for the first time in my life and the whole journey of the year”.
“A very rewarding and enjoyable experience!”

Worried about the impacts of COVID-19? The 2020 mid-year coursework survey returned a rating of 4.4/5
“Course has been brilliant so far. Seamless transition with covid, everything well-organised.” And “Appreciate the support from everyone despite COVID-19 ;)”

2020 Honours Cohort (Group)
2020 Honours Cohort (Group)

Honours Provisional Offer Form

Provisional Offer Form

Students submitting provisional offer forms should expect to receive confirmation via email within 72 hours. If this is not received please contact Dr David Stroud: david.stroud@unimelb.edu.au.

Students must also apply via MDHS Honours, but first, read these instructions for how to apply via the MDHS (PDF 668.0 KB) webpage.

Honours is a fourth-year program which gives you the opportunity to draw together your previous science or health science studies and focus your knowledge, skills and intellect on an exciting piece of original research.

Can’t decide between Masters and Honours?

Click here (PDF 73.5 KB) for an information sheet that outlines some of the positives and negatives of each program.

Click here for general information about our Honours course.

Projects at External Institutes

It is possible for students to complete their research project with supervisors in affiliated external institutions. The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has close links with research groups at the following research organisations:

Projects in external institutions must have a strong focus on the use of biochemical and molecular biological approaches and supervisors should be affiliated with the Department and approved by the Honours coordinator. A list of potential supervisors in external institutions is available from the Honours coordinator.

A Combined Honours Course with the Department of Chemistry is also available for students wanting to undertake a research project involving both disciplines. Students taking a combined project will enroll in the Biochemistry/Chemistry degree if their coursework is in Biochemistry and the Chemistry/Biochemistry degree if their coursework is in Chemistry.

How To Apply

  1. More information about the program and available research projects can be obtained:
    • At the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences Honours Expo and individual information sessions held by Departments and Institutes;
    • From the departmental research project guide;
    • From individual supervisors.
  2. You need to identify a potential project and supervisor from the research project guide. Read the project description and any recommended publications to ensure that it is the correct choice for you,and then contact the head of the research group
  3. In some cases, supervisors may be willing to offer you a provisional place in their laboratory (a provisional offer indicates that you have a guaranteed place in the Honours course providing you satisfy all of the entry requirements).
    Students who have received a provisional offer should apply using the link below.


Note that Honours applicants who accept and enrol in a place in an FMDHS Honours course will automatically be considered for available FMDHS Honours Scholarships. These are awarded on academic merit.

Students with a > 85 average in their third year marks will be awarded a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Honours Scholarship of $5000.