Academic staff

NameEmail Research group
Dr Ascher David laboratory: Structural biology and bioinformatics
Associate Professor Marie laboratory: Regulatory biology
Associate Professor Heung-Chin Cheng laboratory: Molecular enzymology of protein kinases and phosphatases involved in human diseases
Dr Laura Edgington-Mitchell laboratory: Protease Pathophysiology
Professor Paul laboratory: Membrane trafficking and protein sorting in health and disease and development of new therapeutics
Professor Paul laboratory: Structural biology of disease
Dr Michael laboratory: Functional and mis-functional protein-protein interactions
Associate Professor Eric 
Associate Professor Danny laboratory: Protein misfolding and proteostasis in neurodegenerative diseases
Dr Leon 
Dr Elizabeth laboratory: Biophysics of Nuclear Organisation
Associate Professor Kathryn
Dr Saw Hoon Education Scholarship
Professor Malcolm laboratory: Molecular microbiology
Dr Paul 
Dr Justine laboratory: Vaccine biology
Associate Professor Terry Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education Scholarship
Professsor Michael Laboratory: Structural biology and computational drug design
Dr Stuart laboratory: Drug targets and gene regulation in Plasmodium falciparum
Professor Gavin laboratory: Proteomics and lipidomics in health and disease
Associate Professor Isabelle laboratory: Understanding how molecular machines function through cryo-electron microscopy
Dr Diana laboratory: Mitochondrial biogenesis in health and disease
Dr David laboratory: Mitochondrial Systems Biology
Professor Leann laboratory: Measuring and modelling malaria parasites to develop new antimalarials
Professor Ian  van Driel laboratory: Immune responses to pathogens
Associate Professor Heather Verkade: Molecular Biology Education Scholarship
Professor Jose laboratory: Antigen presenting cells & molecules that initiate T cell immunity against pathogens and cancer
Dr Amber Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Education Scholarship