Computational and Systems Biology

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Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao

Dr Jarny Choi

Dr Matt Ritchie

Project: Multivariate computational methods for data integration of single cell assays

Project Supervisor: Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao; Project Co-supervisors: Dr Jarny Choi and Dr Matt Ritchie

High-throughput single cell molecular profiling gives our scientific community the unique opportunity to define cell types with distinctive molecular profiles to unprecedented depths. However, identifying novel cell types relies on the ability to combine and integrate different types of independent assays (performed in different laboratories) to obtain generalizable and reproducible results. Our main challenges to address are data heterogeneity and large-scale datasets (many cells and many transcripts). The project will focus on mixOmics data integration methods application and extensions. The analysis will be conducted on data we have generated or are available on Our aim is to  address data heterogeneity challenges and identify robust gene signatures that characterize the novel cell subtypes. The project is suitable for students with a background in computational statistics / biology with a strong interest in cell biology, analytical and critical thinking.