Centre Supported Activities

The Centre for Stem Cell Systems is committed to investing in the future of stem cell research. Members of our community have the opportunity to receive financial support for a range of activities:

  • Research Support

    Dr Tom Weber (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)
    To support the testing of the ‘Ticker’ concept in mammalian stem cells, and to assist his attendance at national and international SynBio meetings.

    A/Prof Geraldine Mitchell and Dr Kiryu Yap (University of Melbourne and St Vincent’s Institute)
    To support the development of iPSC-derived, vascularised liver organoids that could be transplanted to treat liver disease.

    Prof Andrew Elefanty and Prof Ed Stanley (University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children's Research Institute)
    To support the transcriptional profiling of populations of cells derived from human pluripotent stem cells under haematopoietic and endoderm differentiation conditions, to better understand blood disorders .

    A/Prof Alice Pebay (University of Melbourne and Centre for Eye Research Australia)
    Funds awarded in collaboration with JEM Research Foundation to support the development of stem cell derived retinal organoids to better model and treat retinal disease.

    Dr Shalin Naik (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)
    To support the single cell RNA sequencing facility at WEHI, providing sequencing to researchers affiliated with the Centre and BioPlatforms Australia (BPA)

  • Travel Support

    Katalina Bobowik (University of Melbourne)
    To present her work at the SMBE Conference Manchester (2019)

    Dr Bryony Nayagam (University of Melbourne)
    To present her work at the International Conference for Neural Transplantation and Repair (Port Douglas, 2017)

    Dr Matthew Rutar (University of Melbourne)
    To present his work at the European Retina Meeting (Paris, 2017)

    Dr Claire Tanner (University of Melbourne)
    To co-chair a session at the Brocher Foundation Workshop exploring citizens’ use of digital media to connect with healthcare (St Gallen, 2017)

  • Sponsored Events

    Oz Single Cells symposium (2019, University of Melbourne).

    "Organoids Are Us" Wnt signalling workshop (2019, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

    LGBTI+ STEMM Symposium (2019, University of Melbourne)

    Oz Single Cells symposium (2018, Garvan Institute of Medical Research)

    "Organoids Are Us" Wnt signalling workshop (2018, Doherty Institute)

    Melbourne Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting (2018, Monash University)

    Oz Single Cells symposium (2017, Walter Eliza Hall Institute)

    Melbourne Cell and Developmental Biology Meeting (2017, University of Melbourne)

    MDHS EMCRA Symposium (2016, University of Melbourne)

  • Infrastructure Support

    Purchase of a Cytoflex S flow cytometry system for the Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience’s Flow Cytometry Platform

    Cash co-contribution to the Nanopore GridION X5: Benchtop DNA/RNA Sequencer

If you are seeking support for an activity that aligns with our vision please contact us.