The Centre for Stem Cell Systems supports a wide range of activities to advance our community’s understanding of stem cells and their potential use in clinical applications. With the generous support of visionary donors, we can continue to invest in world-class stem cell research, outreach and education.

Gifts allow us to support important activities which may not be supported from other sources, such as research infrastructure, student scholarships or innovative research. These activities are essential in fostering cutting-edge research and the development of new therapeutic technologies using stem cells.

Through philanthropic partnerships, our Centre has been able to support local stem cell research investigating the causes and potential treatment of medical conditions such as macular degeneration and acute myeloid leukaemia.

If you would like to contribute to stem cell research, you can donate now online:

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If you would like more information regarding giving opportunities or if you have a particular activity you would like to support, please contact  us directly at For more information about donating to the University of Melbourne, visit the University webpage.