Dr René Koopman awarded Associate Professorship

René, Research Group Leader in the Centre for Muscle Research, has been promoted to Associate Professor.

René's research focuses on skeletal muscle metabolism, and how specific amino acids can influence protein turnover and regulate skeletal muscle size and function. His studies aim to identify the mechanisms underlying the anabolic resistance to nutrition seen in disease to allow development of more effective nutritional interventions to combat muscle wasting disorders.

“I am honoured to be promoted to Associate Professor and am looking forward to the new challenges this will bring”,  he says.

René completed his MSc (2001) and PhD (2006) at Maastricht University (Netherlands) in the laboratory of Prof Luc van Loon. Under the mentorship of Prof Gordon Lynch at the University of Melbourne René was awarded a CR Roper Fellowship (MDHS) before becoming a Senior Lecturer in Physiology and Head of the Clinical Nutrition and Muscle Metabolism Laboratory, Department of Physiology.