Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned professional, we have something to suit your needs and schedule. With the highest teaching evaluations in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences we are proud to offer our coursework and short course programs to our leaders and future leaders.

Honours and Masters by Coursework

See our project guide for a wide range of available Honours and Masters projects.

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Careers in Anatomy and Neuroscience

The Department of Anatomy and Neuroscience offers training in three areas, represented by our three majors (Human Structure and Function, Neuroscience, Cell and Developmental Biology). Students completing any of these majors have a variety of employment opportunities open to them.

All majors equip students to work in science as Research Assistants, performing research under supervision in one of the many research laboratories at the University of Melbourne or other Universities, as well as one of the many Research Institutes around Melbourne. Students may also elect to take further training leading to a PhD and a career as a research scientist in Australia or internationally.

Finally, training in any of our Majors leads naturally to an application for postgraduate training in the health sciences at this university or elsewhere around Australia. Available courses include Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Optometry, Population Health, Social Work, Audiology, Genetic Counselling and Speech Pathology. Students considering postgraduate training should course plan carefully to ensure that they have the undergraduate prerequisites, if relevant, for their preferred course.