Beckman Coulter CyAN


The Beckman Coulter CyAn analyser is equipped with 3 lasers capable of 9 colour + forward and side scatter (FSC/ SSC) analysis. Software: Summit 4.3


Sample tube compatibility

Polystyrene or polypropylene

5ml FACS tubes

488nm Blue Laser

FITC, GFP, AF488, CFSE, PI, 7AAD, PerCP, PE + tandems (PETexRed, PECy5, PECy7)


405nm Violet Laser

Pacific Blue, DAPI, Brilliant Violet 421, BD Horizon V450, BD Horizon V500, AmCyan, Live/dead Aqua


633nm Red Laser

APC + tandems (APC-Cy7), AF647



FL 1 Blue (488nm): 530/40 FITC, Alexa Fluor 488, GFP, CFSE
FL 2 Blue (488nm): 575/25 PE , mOrange
FL 3 Blue (488nm): 613/20 PE-Texas Red, dsRed, PI
FL 4 Blue (488nm): 680/30 PECy5, PerCP, 7AAD, PECy5.5
FL 5 Blue (488nm): 750LP PECy7
FL 6 Violet (405nm):  450/50 DAPI,  BViolet421, Pac Blue, CFP, Cas blue, Hor V450, AF405
FL 7 Violet (405nm): 530/40 Cascade yellow, Krome Orange, Horizon V500, Pacific Orange
FL 8 Red (642nm): 665/20 APC
FL 9 Red (642nm): 750LP APCCY7