Stem Cell Conversations - This week's presenters: Professor Megan Munsie and Dr Christine Walker

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11 - 11.30am
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On 12 August, we will hear from Professor Megan Munsie and Dr Christine Walker. Megan is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Stem Cell Systems, and head of the Ethical, legal and social implications of stem cell research Lab. Christine is the CEO of the Chronic Illness Alliance. Megan and Christine will be discussing "Talking stem cells: strategies to more effectively communicate our science".

Stem Cell Conversations is a weekly drop in for stem cell researchers to share insights into latest research and how to master WFH in academia.

Stem Cell Conversations will occur weekly for 30-minutes and feature presentations by students and ECRs across our network. These talks will cover topics from project updates and paper reviews to WFH support, tips and any other “fun facts” themes.

Stem Cell Conversations are coordinated by Nadia Rajab, Sean Wilson, Cameron McKnight and Professors Megan Munsie and Christine Wells. Past organising committee members include Helen Flett (née Braybrook) and Dr Rita Leitoguinho.