About the Centre

Maximising the visibility, understanding and translational impact of stem cell research and technologies across the University of Melbourne and surrounding medical research institutes

Professor Christine Wells - Director

The Centre for Stem Cell Systems is a networked activity to develop excellence and impact in stem cell biology, tissue engineering and stem cell medicine at the University of Melbourne. The Centre has three main streams of activity: to grow the reputation of the University for excellence in stem cell research, by building a strong research environment, and promoting cross disciplinary stem cell research; to develop a training path at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, to support growth in the sector; to partner with government, professional bodies and community advocates to understand the expectations, and barriers to delivering stem cell medicine.

The Centre aims to:

  1. Maximise the visibility and translational impact of the stem cell research and technologies undertaken at the University of Melbourne;
  2. Foster excellence in interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration in stem cell research;
  3. Increase research capacity at the University of Melbourne through the strategic development of infrastructure
  4. Expand stem cell educational pathways and learning experiences for University of Melbourne students across disciplines
  5. Influence the development of policy to support responsible innovation in stem cell research and emerging technologies, and
  6. Enhance the stem cell dialogue within the community.

The Centre for Stem Cell Systems networks with with stem cell researchers across the research institutions Parkville Biomedical Precinct and greater Melbourne. If you are interested in collaborating with the Centre, please contact us.

Stem cell research, a strength of the University of Melbourne, spans a wide range of research disciplines such as synthetic and developmental biology, tissue engineering, bioinformatics, ethics, sociology and law. The University of Melbourne is also the administering organisation of Stem Cells Australia, a $24 million national research initiative sponsored by the Australian Research Council.

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